The Experience

At The Residence at Skipstone, guests receive truly personalized & complimentary curated itinerary planning designed to create an unforgettable experience showcasing the best of wine country. All guests receive a complimentary, private tasting of Skipstone wines, and access to highly sought-after local restaurants, including the renowned establishments of Cyrus and SingleThread. These acclaimed dining destinations are celebrated for their innovative and artfully crafted menus, providing guests with a gastronomic journey that showcases the best of the local culinary scene. With a custom itinerary in hand, guests can relax and enjoy their trip, confident that they are experiencing the very best that the region has to offer.

Skipstone wine is poured into a wineglass

Indulge in an exclusive, complimentary private tasting led by a dedicated member of the Skipstone team. Delve into the world of our highly sought-after, limited-production wines, and embark on a journey that unveils the essence of our estate's character, vision, and winemaking excellence, setting our wines apart as true gems.

You and your esteemed guests will be treated to an immersive experience where the intricacies of our property, our unwavering commitment to sustainability, and our meticulous winemaking practices converge to create an unparalleled symphony of flavors. 

With a resolute focus on sustainability and a deep respect for the land, we are stewards of this precious resource, ensuring its vitality for generations to come. Nature's blessings are embraced wholeheartedly, as we attentively heed the whispers of the vineyard's terroir, a dialogue that finds eloquent expression in each bottle of our exceptional wines.

In addition to the exceptional dining experiences, all guests receive exclusive access to tee times at Mayacama, a world-class golf club, through our vintner partnership. Golf enthusiasts can revel in the opportunity to play on the Jack Nicklaus-designed course, set amidst breathtaking scenery. From challenging fairways to stunning views, Mayacama provides an exceptional golfing experience that guests of The Residence can enjoy at their leisure.

A golfer swings a golf club while spectators watch from the clubhouse
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For those seeking ultimate convenience and sophistication in travel, The Residence at Skipstone partners with Net Jets to secure private jet travel for its guests. This partnership ensures seamless and luxurious transportation, allowing guests to travel in style and comfort. Whether for business or leisure, private jet travel offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency, enabling guests to enjoy a stress-free journey from their doorstep to their destination.

Moreover, all guests at the Residence at Skipstone are granted access to exclusive, limited-production wines meticulously curated from the esteemed cellar of our proprietors, Fahri & Constance Diner. You will gain access to the entirety of our collection of over 3,000 bottles our wine cellar, showcasing a selection of exceptional vintages and sought-after varietals from around the world. We trust that this curated assortment will pique your discerning palate and provide an unparalleled experience. 

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